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This is a site about building a happy life, and getting there with simple shortcuts.

To be happy we’ve got to master some important adult skills—how to stay close and intimate in our marriage or long term relationship, how to set up a life that’s creative and fulfilling, and how to manage our money with easy clarity so we have peace in our days.  Then we’ve got to find what thrills our heart, and do it.  Is it yoga?  Painting?  Music?  Travel?  We’ll each have our own quest.  But learning the skills of building a happy life doesn’t have to be hard work. There are shortcuts to getting there. That’s what this site is all about—building a simple, rock-solid bedrock for a life that we love—full of creativity, fulfillment, intimacy and ease.


Marriage: Don’t Let Your Sensual Love Die Off

The stuff of easy sensuality is the heart of our sexual glue, and it’s at the center of the closeness that we’re long to experience together.

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Wanderlust: Why Travel is Great for Your Sex Life

  In a study of 1,000 adults conducted by The U.S. Travel Association, a surprising outcome was discovered.  That is, traveling improves our sex life.  77% of the couples in the study reported that their sex life “drastically improved,’ after travel.  More than that, travel has an effect on the longevity of a marriage, since the […]

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Sexual Devotion in Marriage: Not a Mental Exercise

It means, plain and simply, that if we want to experience the adoration of a lover’s devotion, then we have to give it. We have to practice adoring our partner, find the things we love about him or her and celebrate those things, and then, be constant in searching out a love experience based on […]

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