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This is a site about building a happy life, and getting there with simple shortcuts

Are there Shortcuts to Happiness?  There are!!  To be happy we’ve got to master some important adult skills—how to stay close and intimate in our marriage or long term relationship, how to set up a life that’s creative and fulfilling, and how to manage our money and life choices with easy clarity so we have peace in our days.  Then we’ve got to find out what thrills our heart, and do it.  Is it painting?  Music?  Travel?  Building a healthy family?  Being an entrepreneur?  We’ll each have our own quest.  But learning the skills of happiness doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are shortcuts to getting there. That’s what this site is all aboutbuilding a rock-solid bedrock, simply and easily, for a life that we love—full of creativity, intimacy, fulfillment and meaning.


Summer Love: Heat, Sensuality and Adoration

To stop, and enjoy each other, just because we can, feeling the gifts of heat, sensuality and adoration.

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Prowess: The Sexual and Sensual Gift of Married Love

In my last blog we set up the idea that we can have a joyfully monogamous relationship in our marriage.  We agreed that in order to have the love affair we’re really longing for with our partner, we’ve got to give up certain engrained myths that we’ve been schooled in. These include: 1) the ‘hot’ […]

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A Naked, Fulfilling, Monogamous Love Affair

If we want a truly fulfilling, monogamous love affair in our marriage, how do we get there? Our lives are busy and pressured with all of the duties and responsibilities of marriage and family life; our work lives demand more and more of our time; we’ve may have aging parents who need our attention, a […]

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