What makes for a happy life?   Many of the skills we need to be happy were never taught to us—things like staying close and intimate in our marriage, finding creative fulfillment (so we’re not angry or disconnected in our life), and managing our money in a simple way so we have daily peace of mind.  These skills are the bedrock of a happy life.  Once we learn them, we’re free to discover what’s meaningful enough to our heart to pursue.

In my younger life, I fell on my face in my marriage, with my money, and I struggled for years to figure out how to have a multi-talented, creative life. I had to learn these skills the hard way.  Now, I’m sharing what I learned with you so you can shortcut the process of finding happiness.

“Shortcuts to Happiness” is a practical approach to living well—tips, ideas and strategies that help us build a life we love, in the real world.  This approach inspired the three self-help books that I’ve written, including the upcoming book, Naked Marriage: How to Have a Lifetime of Love, Sex, Joy and Happiness; secondly, How to Be an Artist Without Losing Your Mind, Your Shirt, or Your Creative Compass; and The Debt-Free Spending Plan, a five-minute-a-day approach to easy money clarity.

The themes of my work say that we’re not mechanical robots who can do the same things in the same way, over and over again, revisiting the same shelf of our history.  We need inspiration, variety, challenge and a structure that helps us follow the interest-generating sparks that call us to the discovery of what and who we love.

That’s what I share in my books, my life coaching, my artistry, and my blog. Welcome to An Artistry Life and the easy-on-the-soul world of Shortcuts to Happiness!