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Prowess: The Sexual and Sensual Gift of Married Love

In my last blog we set up the idea that we can have a joyfully monogamous relationship in our marriage.  We agreed that in order to have the love affair we’re really longing for with our partner, we’ve got to give up certain engrained myths that we’ve been schooled in. These include: 1) the ‘hot’ […]


A Naked, Fulfilling, Monogamous Love Affair

If we want a truly fulfilling, monogamous love affair in our marriage, how do we get there? Our lives are busy and pressured with all of the duties and responsibilities of marriage and family life; our work lives demand more and more of our time; we’ve may have aging parents who need our attention, a […]


The Path to a Happy Marriage

When we think about a happy marriage we often think it’s a matter of simple compatibility—and let’s just say it—good luck.  On the flip side, we’re constantly being told that “marriage is hard work,” and in our popular culture, we’re barraged with articles with titles like, “10 tips to heighten your love/sex/communication in marriage,” as […]


Sexual Devotion in Marriage: Not a Mental Exercise

It means, plain and simply, that if we want to experience the adoration of a lover’s devotion, then we have to give it. We have to practice adoring our partner, find the things we love about him or her and celebrate those things, and then, be constant in searching out a love experience based on […]

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Wanderlust: Why Travel is Great for Your Sex Life

  In a study of 1,000 adults conducted by The U.S. Travel Association, a surprising outcome was discovered.  That is, traveling improves our sex life.  77% of the couples in the study reported that their sex life “drastically improved,’ after travel.  More than that, travel has an effect on the longevity of a marriage, since the […]


Fun: the Sensual Glue that Builds Desire in Marriage

We’re all busy.  That’s just life on earth right now.  And each year—with the pervasive yet overburdening power of the internet—we give ourselves more things to do:  more ways to market, spin, connect, and work the room of not only our work life, but our social life as well. We’re screen-focused, for sure, and though […]