Getting the Money-Angst Out of Your Budding Entrepreneurial Business

Here’s a startling fact: 44% of small business owners use credit card debt to fund their business expenses. And here’s another scary bit of data: 40% of middle-income and lower-middle income families—many of whom run small businesses—use credit cards to fund their daily needs.  (Stats: So what does this kind of debt mean for […]

Why Living Debt-Free is the Path to Fulfillment

So what the hell makes for a fulfilling life these days? What is it, at the end of the day, that makes us feel like we’ve done our best, we’ve contributed to something meaningful, and we’re even somewhat at ease with ourselves? In this crazy-paced adult world of ours, those questions can trip us up […]

What Are You Gonna Do With All That Extra Cash?

When we first begin to learn how to use the tools of debt-free living, we’re usually pretty socked-in with monthly payments. In fact, some of us might have to pay less than our minimums for a while in order to learn how to live on what we’re making, in order to learn how to live […]

Debtor Nation: Or, Why the Personal is Political and Vice Versa

Why is it that the nation’s debt sends us swirling into hot-button, heated arguments over party-line politics? In a split-second, we can find ourselves arguing over which war-mongering president or tax-and-spend congress is responsible for our debt, why it shouldn’t be our fault now, and whether critical programs should get cut so that we can […]

How to Create a Debt-Free Entrepreneurial Business

My coach recently told me that there are only three ways to fund the start of a new business:  1) borrowing, 2) parents, or 3) winning the lottery.  I laughed out loud.  Having never had that kind of parental support or lottery luck, and, as a debtor, having had no substantial savings, I always used […]

How to Live with Numbers (Even If You Hate Them)

Most of us who are debtors are also numbers-phobic.  We don’t balance our checkbook, we don’t look at our credit card balances (except to wince), and we don’t have any clear idea of how much it costs us to live.  When it comes to how much things really cost, we tend to go blank.  We […]

A Resolution That Really Will Change Your Life

So, you’re done with the holidays, right?  And just a week into the New Year there may be a resolution or two that you’re tinkering with.   Diet.  Exercise.  Spend more time with friend and loved ones.  Take a class.   All great things. But if you’re in debt, all those things can get sidelined by one […]