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Simple style, ease and grace

The Shapes of Sex and Artistry

This past weekend I was wandering around the Abbott Kinney neighborhood of Venice Beach with my dear friend Samantha, doing a little bargain shopping and generally just wandering around in the sun together.  I didn’t really need anything, but I had a little bit of cash to burn. As we wandered in and out of […]

Being a successful artist means falling in love with our artist's life

Falling in Love (Again and Again) with Art

Several months ago I finished my first play. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but the storyline was rambling around inside me for a couple of years, and I kept feeling it calling me to write it down. It just kept speaking to me. Characters would emerge, and then, after mulling for […]


In a Creative Life You’ve Got to Have Friends

Two weekends ago I went to L.A. to do a book event and visit with friends.  (Six of my close women-friends now live there!)  My husband—bless his kind heart—said to me, “You know, time just keeps marching by, so if you want to see your friends, you really just need to go.”  He was right. […]


Captured Light

I found this quote in liturgical prayer book—a quote I used in my new book. Here it is:Artistry “We pray to break the bonds that keep us from the world of beauty…we pray to walk in a garden of purpose in touch with the power of the world.” Beauty—being in touch with it, noticing it, […]

Artists Have to Got to Give A Damn

Ten years ago I was flat on my face, in the dirt, just barely recovering from a bankruptcy of the soul, spirit and pocketbook. I would sit at the desk of my dayjob—the only job I could get after losing my small writing business—and calculate how my barely-making-it salary was going to cover my teetering-on-the-verge […]

Perseverance: The Magic Pixie Dust of the Artist’s Life

This morning I woke up early, knowing I had much to do. There’s a book polish to dive into (and rewrites are always hardest), blogs to write, a new website to work on, two paintings to finish in my studio, rehearsals for a music duo performance, a travel article to write, and yoga teaching morning […]


Doorways Always Appear

Life is like an octopus. The minute we get one flailing arm nailed down to the turf, another one comes bounding up from the dirt, madly swinging its suction-cups of distress into mid-air with no hope of any serenity or control. My great-grandmother (who we called Nana) used to say, “There’s never the perfect situation, […]

Write something meaningful on the blank tablet of your artist's life

Artists: We’d Better Have a Message Worth Speaking Up For

As artists, what we say matters. So we’d better have a message that’s meaningful enough to speak up for. This past weekend I went to a play in a reputable urban theater. The local paper had called it “provocative”—supposedly a story about technology and ethics and our humanity. Generally, I don’t like technology-themed plays: they […]