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“I’m Just Not That Disciplined”

When I’m talking to other artists about time—and the need to carve time out of our busy lives for our art—I often here the same thing: “I’m just not that disciplined.” I hear, “Well, I started this terrific memoir, and everyone I shared it with said to keep writing, but I can’t find my way […]


No Sure-Fire Recipe for Art

The other day I was cooking some stuff from the cookbook The Jewish Gourmet, and a few things from old Sunset Magazines. I rarely ever follow recipes, since they tend to disappoint me (unless I’m up for Julia, who is an absolute chemist, and will never steer me wrong.) But every once in a while […]

Lemon Juice Pic

My Hands in My Art Will Save Me (and Nothing Else Will)

Today I was standing in my kitchen at two in the afternoon, prepping some Cornish game hens for dinner in a cast iron skillet. I spiced them with red and black pepper, apples, and a little roux I made from dijon mustard, white wine, garlic, and lemon juice. While I was extracting the lemon juice, […]

Exploring is the Key

Sometimes we get stopped from creating art for one simple reason: we’re afraid what we’re doing won’t be good enough. So instead of sitting down and doing our work, we wait, or hedge, or hide out, or fill up our time with meaningless junk that ends up making us feel badly about ourselves. And here’s […]

Quieting the Mind in the Real World

We often talk in yoga class, and in the world of creative arts, too, about quieting the mind. So how in the world do we quiet the mind and what’s important about it? First—and I always like to focus on this at the beginning of a new project or the beginning of the year—quieting the […]

‘Your Life is Your Story: Write Well, Edit Often’

I found this amazing quote scrawled on a little sheet of paper stuffed in a box on my shelf last night—surely a bit of wisdom I thought to keep close at hand and ruminate over. story “Your life is your story:  write well, edit often.” As I was thinking about it, a couple of things came […]

What Chester, the Sex-God, Taught Me

Years ago I worked with a guy named Chester. He was big and brawny, wide-set like a dense, solid car. He was of Pacific-Islander descent, had a broad, big face; he had a muscular, if not heavy-around-the-middle body, and longish frizzy hair that he gelled with some shiny stuff that gleamed when he stood in […]