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Debt Will Kill Your Sex Life

Debt will kill your sex life. If you’re in an intimate relationship with another human being with which you have regular or committed contact, debt is going to take a toll, and that toll is going to make you pay exactly where you don’t want to—in the bedroom. You probably think I’m kidding, right? You […]

Blissed-Out, Debt-Free, No-Guilt, Amazing Vacations

So, it’s the season of it, isn’t it? We need to get away, we can’t really afford a big swanky event vacation, so maybe we choose something likely to be less expensive—say Colorado instead of the Caribbean. But because we debt-accruers live with so much vagueness about our finances, the Colorado vacation ends up costing […]

Stoned, Baked & High: When Debting is Our Drug

It took a long time for me to admit that I was in terrible trouble with debt—that debt had become a constant, central part of my adult life and the debt-free days had been limited if non-existent. Certainly I could rationalize, using the few times I had made big credit payments with a chunk of […]

Love, Sex, and Money: How Debt Makes a Mess of It

We all know the drill: We go out and buy something—maybe something expensive—just praying that our partner isn’t spending too. Then, we he comes home with whatever new credit-purchased toy he’s bought, the spitting match begins. “What are your doing? We don’t need that!” You yell at him. “And who said you need three new […]

What Will Keep You Sane This Holiday Season?

I’m going to swing out and take a wild guess.  If you’re a debtor, the oncoming rush of the Christmas and Hanukah season is enough to send you into a nail-biting, worry-inducing, hyped-up frenzied overspending spree—and it probably happens every single year. Am I right?  I’m betting I am.  So here’s the thing:  if you […]

There’ll Be Days Like This

This past week I had one of those weeks.  It started when I began being bummed out over watching my extended family’s money issues.   Then, once I got thinking about it, I began feeling worse about the fact that, because my husband and I aren’t tanking, we aren’t getting the thousands of dollars of help […]

Holidays, Birthdays and Other Debtor Landmines

Once we finally create our personal Debt-Free Spending Plan, and once we’re really living with it day by day, there are still little land mines that can blow our best-laid plans to bits. Usually the things that throw us are “unexpected” expenses—things like a birthday, a dinner for a co-worker, a lunch out for somebody’s […]

Noxious Noise in the New Millennium

These days we feel like there’s so much stuff we’re supposed to attend to that we never get a break. If we’re entrepreneurial in the least, we’re supposed to invent, create, build, market, tweet, blog, outreach, contact, and more, and it can drive us absolutely crazy with workaholic intensity. We’ve got family obligation, relationships to […]

On Your Own as a Debt-Free Young Woman

So, you’ve probably heard all the hype about running up personal debt—how, at the end of the day, it’s bad news. And even thought it seems like everyone is doing it—using credit cards to pay for clothes, trips, living expenses and more—it takes a toll on our well-being, our self-esteem and certainly on our relationships. […]