Debt-Free Living Videos

Blondes on Debt
Authors Misti Barnes & JoAnneh Nagler

No Debt, Better Sex. No kidding.

Angry at banks? Angry at credit card companies?

Why Flashy, Fast Money will Tank You Faster Than Anything Else

How to Get Out of the Money Muck of Vagueness

What’s Sexy About Living Debt-Free?

Red Flags! Are You Dating a Debtor?

Getting Rid of the Self-Hatred and Guilt of Debting

How is Debt Like Bad Sex?

Getting the Awful Voices in Your Head to Shut Up

How to Talk About Debt to Your Partner without Tanking

A Dream Without a Plan is A Hallucination

What Do You Love About Your Debt-Free Life?

Debt-Free Living and Fulfilling Our Dreams

Misti Barnes & JoAnneh Nagler tell it like it is

On the Green Front
with Radio Host Betsy Rosenberg

My Story: Why I Wrote this Book

A Personalized Plan–You Make the Choices on How to Spend

Couples: Why Debt-Free is Sexier

Should We Ask Family for Money When We’re in Debt or Out of Work?

Is there Life After Debt? There is!

Life After Debt – Creating a Thoughtful, No-Money-Stress Life

A Simple Plan to Get Out of Debt Without Depriving Yourself

Debt-Free Parenting & Family Life

Stop the Cycle of Debt and Live Healthier and Happier

Debt-Free Living
with Author JoAnneh Nagler

The Debt-Free Spending Plan: Welcome!

A Five-Minute-a-Day Plan to Get Out of Debt Quickly

The Antidote to Debt-Stress

Here’s How You Get Started

You Can Start from Today

A No-Punishment Approach

Your Daily Needs

So What Makes This Plan Work?

Debt and Couples

Why Haven’t Personal Finance Books Helped Us?

Find a Simple Way to Live within Your Means

Learning to Live on Our Cash

Getting Out of Debt Doesn’t Have to be Hard

What is Financial Freedom, Really?