Happiness Coaching

If you’re struggling with finding a simple, easy, and straightforward path to happiness in your life, I invite you to engage in Happiness Coaching with me.  As many of my coaching clients have found, having a personal coach helps us create straight-up, clear and practical strategies for living well.  You’ll get:

  • Present-Moment Tools and Guidance, Improving Your Life in the First 30 Days
  • A Start-from-Today Approach (No Digging Up Past Mistakes)
  • Simple Strategies to Improve Closeness in Intimate Relationships
  • Easy-on-the Soul Money Clarity Tools, Creating Peace in Your Daily Life
  • Step-by-Step Ways to Get to Your Creative Callings on a Regular Basis
  • Terrific Ways to Answer the Call of Your Heart, Even when You’ve Got a Busy Life

We often think that Happiness Coaching–or ‘spiritual coaching,’ or ‘life coaching,’ as they’re sometimes called–should be an inside job: something that we’re supposed to know how to do for ourselves just because we’re adults. But the truth is, we were never taught many of the skills that bring happiness and contentment on a daily basis.

Getting support to create the life you really want to live is an act of power, hope, strength and commitment.  I invite you to reach out to me at 650-619.3232 or AnArtistrygirl@yahoo.com, or link to my Contact page and I’ll reach out to you soon.