When I think of all the things I do to promote happiness in my life, adding music to my days is the simplest to apply.  All I have to do is press ‘play.’  Author Gyles Brandreth states in his book The 7 Secrets of Happiness: A Reluctant Optimist’s Guide, that people who listen to music regularly are just plain happier.

One of the great gifts of courage in my life came when I started putting my poetry into song, began recording and then playing out with other musicians.  The happiness quotient was nose-on-my-face obvious: when I took some small steps toward doing something I’d always wanted to do, I got immediately happier. I hope this music inspires you to bravely do what you are called to do!  Link below to listen to my original music, and check out 99 Miles, my duo with amazing guitarist and singer Charlie Goldberg, and our upcoming performance dates:

99 Miles Upcoming Performance Dates:

Friday, Sept 21, Sheraton Hotel, Palo Alto, 4-8 pm

Friday, Oct 12, Vinyl Room, Burlingame, 630-930 pm

Original Music:



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I Burn


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