Words and music by JoAnneh Nagler
© 2014 extra sleeve music/ASCAP. All rights reserved.


Write me a sonnet
A promise on your quill
A vow, a ring, won’t open me
But honoring me will

Your hands upon my stomach
Your head lay on my breast
Your heart in love would cleave to one
If only you could rest

So don’t ask me how
If your pride won’t stand down
The years kneel and bow
To love true, held dear and honor-bound

So build me an altar
A bedrock of steel
An un-moving shelter, love
Then tear away this veil


Ten Tears

Your desolate eyes
The bed’s freezing and I’m shaking inside
You’ll leave me but words come tongue-tied
Tears fall as you lay down by my side

Ten tears from your eyes
Ten tears cut and tore my heart wide
Ten tears stole the light from the sky
Ten tears, ten tears

You say what I don’t know
Can’t hurt me if you quietly go
But I’m bleeding with the force of the blow
No truth could lay my heart so low


Love Waits For Me

Your golden laughter falls soft on me
And my heart’s enraptured with yours tenderly
And all I see is your eyes bright and shimmering
While love waits for you and prays for me
Love waits for you and prays for me

Your kiss heals faster than a wish or dream
And my fear’s surpassed here when you’re holding me
And all I see is your heart sweetly opening
While love waits for you and prays for me
Love waits for you and prays for me

And all I see is your eyes bright and shimmering
While love waits for you and prays for me
Love waits for you and prays for me
Angels sing and love waits for me

Worth Fighting For

I’ll take you home and hold you closer
Nearer than I ever have before
I fall in waters of your ocean
Drink every drop and beg for more

‘Cause I’ve never known how to love before
I’ve never known what my heart was for
I’ve never been moved to give in more
Never known love worth fighting for

I’ll map your pleasure in the open
Unearth the wonder in your hands
I’ll find your secrets in devotion
Treasure you more than you can stand


Waiting Spell

So many years you’ve stayed sleeping
In the dark wells of my deep
And you’ve been born in my dreaming
Your graceful light quietly breathes

I know you live in my body
Though the moon may pull you away
Beneath the waters inside me
I feel your heart longing to stay

Though I’m held by your waiting spell
I feel your heartbeat in here
You fall away with the waves that swell
And silently you appear
Silently you appear

So many nights you’ve come dancing
With the grace of angels in love
And I’ve felt the heavens entrancing
As we two would swell into one


Island’s Arms

You’re the last walk home
On an island I took alone
And the sand’s still warm
Where stars undressed in your arms

You make me feel what I never wanted to
You make me do what I would not do
You make me fall right in front of you
In the island’s arms
In the island’s arms

You’re the turquoise sea
Your waters covering me
You’re the night on fire
In a raw and fevered desire


Your Love

Rain falls on my window
And I drive prayin’ you’re home
My longing is holding me to this road
Your heart’s in my soul
And I’m thrown
To want what I know
Of your love

Clouds turn into your eyes
As I veer off the roadside
You’ll stand in the door light and I’ll cry
My hopes wild and high
I’ll pray
The skies open wide
For your love

If I fall before morning
If your touch breaks the day
If time stops and the rains come
Promise your love for always

Rain falls on my window
And I drive prayin’ you’re home
No telling where my road may go
Your heart’s in my soul
And I’m thrown
To want what I know
Of your love

I Died Today

I stumble and I fall
No love left here at all
And everything I’ve said’s
In a suitcase by the bed
Was anything here true
Or did I blind myself for you,
With every lie I knew?

Baby, I died today
Leaving you this way
Honey, I died today
With all that we betrayed
I wanna die today
To let you go and close the door on all our graceless ways
I died today

Standing by the door
My eyes glued to the floor
So help me understand
This yearning in my hands
I’d reach out for your touch
If wanting you that much
Would heal what’s undercut


My heart’s still tied but should you beg or cry I still can’t stay
We’re better off this way


Let Me Love You Now

It was twenty-odd in a northern county
In the shards of a faithless end
I can see that you still doubt me
While I pray for your love again

So let me love you
Let me love you
Let me love you now
Let me love you now

The second time’s some sort of beacon
A sphinx on the rise from falls
In the strength of another season
Is the call to fell every wall


When I’ve tried to go you say, ‘oh, please don’t,’ so
Let me love you now


The Other Side

You brush by the doorway pretend not to see
But it’s your own arranging to have to pass me
I’ve made my amends here, to you willingly
Hardly thought to wait for your apology

I see these shadows in your eyes
Nothing’s forgiven and you’re bound and tied
The day your hell gives up its pride
I’ll meet you on the other side

We’ve made such a mess here is it too much to ask
Honest regret for the hardship we had?
Are you so stone-hearted, clutching and sad
You wouldn’t give your heart to let these things pass?


Try Baby, Feel

So you end this with a cowardly phone call
But your friends say you’re not telling me
Your heart’s against the wall
It’s a lie of cut and run
Pretend you’re not undone
Push the pain and pray it never comes

So, Try baby, feel
Try baby, feel
Try baby, feel this in your heart

The desperate clutch of holding on is dead
And the unbound love I held for you
Has vanished from my bed
And it’s killing me inside
To know you never tried
To let the loss we’ve felt here fill your eyes


If you lie awake
If some dark night your heart should break


Better Now

Once in a dream I had fallen under your spell
Addictions and darkening spirits that took us through hell
Though I may know your obsessions have preyed on you, too
I would take back every day that I gave up to you

Still I hope that you’re better now
Are you better now?
Could you be better now?

Once on a withering morning a long year ago
I lied to myself for the last time and left you alone
Now when I hear of your falsehoods and sad, hidden truths
I ‘m glad that I’m gone and my heart has been emptied of you


Though you can’t reach me anymore
In shadows of love behind my door


Peace in your arms

My suitcase in your hands, you say,
‘Let’s go upstairs then’
At your bed I tumble in
To the kiss-off end
Of my lonely highway wandering

I find peace in your arms
I find peace in your arms
When my heart falls with the weight of all that’s gone wrong
I find peace in your arms

‘Sleep now and lay down,’ you say
‘No need to talk now’
Well, the leaves have gone brown
My heart’s fired and open,
Loved-stained and wanting your arms all around



I feel you dreaming me
You’ve fallen far beneath
Some dark place inside I long to reach
To touch that hidden place your heart held me

Dream, baby, and sleep
Night will bring your heart to me
Dream and the darkness will be
A welcome bed to lie with me
Dream of me

Some mystery visiting
That you find me when you’re dreaming
I can feel your breath alight on me
So let me close my eyes for what sleep brings



CDCOVER - CopyI Burn

Words and music by JoAnneh Nagler
© 2004 extra sleeve music/ASCAP. All rights reserved.




Between Us

What’s happening between us
The light’s gone out again
What’s happening between us
My lover, my friend

Your love meets me at the dawn
Carries me in my dreams
And I breathe you into me
No matter how this seems

What’s happening between us
Is a shame the size of hell
What’s happening between us
When we resist and we rebel
We’ve got nothing left to hide
It all shows from inside
And while our hearts try to run and fight
I’m yours and you’re still mine


One Sweet Kiss

One sweet kiss
One sweet kiss
You took me in your arms again
One sweet kiss

One strong touch
One strong touch
Gently pressed me in to you
One strong touch

I want to wake up with your hands in my hair
I want to love you with my heart and soul bare

Just one glance
Just one glance
You let me in your heart again
Just one glance

I want to wake up with your hands in my hair
I want to love you with my heart and soul bare

Just one kiss
Just one kiss
One sweet kiss…

Give Me More

Eight months later I walk right up
And I press myself to your door
‘Thing’s wide open and though I’ve seen ya
I swear I’m needing you more
Your brown eyes take me, your strong arms touch me
My heart falls onto the floor
And my love wants yours

My heart wants yours and my skin wants more
And my head don’t care what for
The love I feel for you is all I’m living through
Melts me to my core
Give me more, and more

I’m a thin-skinned girl with a bad-ass attitude
And underneath so much more
My heart’s been running down secret corridors
And slips up out the side door
But you came promisin’, you came offering,
‘n I know what happened before,
And I still want you more


Today I found myself cryin’ and falling out
Face-down on the cold floor
Saw you differently than the way I do usually—
You hide your pain then take more



The rain cried me down to my knees, babe
Your tears felled me flat on the ground
The pain in your heart like a wager to my leavin’
Can I lay my needs and wants down?
My friends say to face you and leave you
My shrink says I can’t hold my own
But what’s inside love if it’s all about receivin’
And the seeds of my patience ain’t sown?

I could wait a lifetime for you
I could give my whole heart
And never be through with you
And never be through with you

‘Been leaving things all of my life, babe
Taking that stance left and right
But just ‘cause it’s painful and you’re in your confusion
Does not make this hard line alright

So where is my call to forgiveness?
Where is my offering up?
To give up that talk about what you do or don’t do,
And love you no matter what.


Be With Me

Called out my angels to come be with me
With whispers of breath you’ve re-entered me
Tried hard to leave you, left to be free
But the depth of this love keeps enveloping me

Be with me
Won’t you be with me
I have never let go
Of your hold on me
Be with me
Oh, please be with me
No lies to hold here
And I’m down on my knees
So please
Be with me

I’m fragile and broken and slow to believe
That something this twisted could unwind for me
If your love can heal me delicately
Then all that I ask is wash over me



This morning was a miracle when I opened up my eyes
You were there, you were there
I was wrapped around your body and taking you in sighs
While the sun lit your hair
Nothing could prepare me for the way I feel this morn
Love’s been well called-upon

You’re the angel I’ve been looking for
You’re the angel I’ve been looking for

You breathe into my needing and your heart is in your eyes
When you’re inside, you’re inside
There’s nothing in this living that I wouldn’t sacrifice
To feel your breath fall and rise
I must admit the heavens have outdone themselves this time
Are you becoming mine?


Nothing in this world could ever touch me like you do
I give my whole self to you


Fierce Love Song

Touch me with fire
And burn me inside
Not a thing to hold back
Or to hide
I fall down before you
Just let me be tied
To the danger and love
In your eyes

Each breath beneath you makes every amend
For all our frail weakness and wrongs
All my resistance just comes to an end
It’s love that we’ve stumbled upon
Our own, fierce love song

Your strong hands complete me
Where I’m still black and blue
From the falls that I took
To reach you
There’s no place to go
No, there’s nothing to do
But surrender my skin
Up to you


Torn Apart Heart

You’ve betrayed me once again
Sabotage, and now you’ve got your end
Now I have to see past all the hope that was in me
Denial won’t ever make this come to be

So torch the nameless fantasies
Of loving you and calling down to deep
There’s nothing left for me, ‘cept my own honesty
Lying buried you, it’s taken any trust from me

hat’s left of my torn apart heart and
My faith disappeared in thin air
What gift should I take from this mess
While you walk ‘way like you never cared?
Can I make any sense of
All the love we shared?

It’s been such a killing blow
To watch us ruin it all and have to know
There’s no truth in there, and no humanity either
What passed for love was a user’s pretty show


I Burn

What if I can’t keep you
What if I can’t stay?
What if there’s no answer
What if there’s no way?
What if you should leave me
What if I should fall?
Would it be my better gift
To just not try at all

But, God, the way you touch me
It’s a lover’s promise true
Though surely I know better now
Than to burn with love for you
Still I burn
And I burn for you…

What if there’s no reason
But suddenly you’re cold?
What if, God forbid, you died
And I’m alone and old?
What if there’s no heaven
You’ll never meet me there
What if we’re just a tragedy
And we’d be better spared?


What would give me courage
To open up my heart?
Could it be just a lack of faith
That will not let me start?
Could it be my lost loves
Washed upon the shore?
Where will I find perfect trust
To help me try once more?


Fall Away

On the eve of your betrayal there was nothing left to do
But rescind my heart and walk away, burn and bury you
The fires you lit in me torched me
And there were more than just a few
Now you’re fallen ash I wash away like love I never knew

On the eve of your betrayal I took all my clothes and ran
Thought a time out on the road again might make my heart open
But every lonely step unveiled
My need for wanderin’
That the things I gave in love to you meant nothing in the end

So when my heart forgets and lights up at the thought of being with you
When my eyes open to the sun and my first thought is to kiss you
When I feel your presence behind me and I turn because I still miss you
I’ll close my eyes and fall away from you

On the eve of your betrayal I lost everything that’s true
I had waited here with all my faith because you asked me to
Now you’re just a ghost of love
I see but pass right through
And if hurtin’ me’s your legacy my pain will live in you

When my heart forgets and lights up at the thought of being with you
When my eyes open to the sun and my first thought is to kiss you
When I feel your presence behind me and I turn because I still miss you
I’ll close my eyes and fall away from you