• Naked Marriage
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    Naked Marriage

    Naked Marriage: How to Have a Lifetime of Love, Sex, Joy and Happiness

    Naked Marriage is a book about marital intimacy, how to create it in a busy life, and how to find shortcuts to get to it. The book covers tips on sex, communication, romance, affection, lifestyle and money choices—all of the things we need to address so that the path to our bedroom remains open, lighthearted, fulfilling and fun!

    “JoAnneh Nagler’s Naked Marriage invites couples to strip down and successfully tackle the the most notoriously troubling parts of married life with quick, practical and proven tools that promote easy connection and maintain oh-so elusive physical intimacy.”
    Carolyn Evans, MSW, author of Forty Beads; The Simple Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage and Founder of Couplosity.com

    “Although a plethora of books offer the alluring but ultimately false promise of eternal marital bliss, Nagler actually delivers a sensible, engaging and remarkably pleasurable blueprint for creating intimacy in our long-term relationships.”
    David A. Levy, Professor of Psychology, Pepperdine University

Marriage is not a “spontaneous” experience at all. Unlike our dating life—where we willingly threw every responsibility out the window to be in our lover’s arms—marriage conspires to pull us earth-bound, distracting us from love with weighty responsibilities, insistent duties and insane time pressures. In fact, marriage is masterful at distracting us from intimacy. So, if we want to really feel the love we have for each other, then we have to have a short and sweet way to get to our loving on a regular basis.

The book, Naked Marriage, teaches us how to:

  • Set up a weekly “Naked Date” with a set-aside, undisturbed hour or two for being intimate with each other
  • Access fun, soul-ease experiences together, or romance
  • Have sex grounded in mutual fulfillment, so we want to come back for more
  • Practice simple affection strategies which keep us in our sensuality, even when we’re busy
  • Use easy-on-the-soul communication tools for checking in with each other
  • Set up simple clarity strategies for our money, parenting and lifestyle choices, so financial and family pressures don’t grow to the size of elephants-in-the-room and block our way to the bedroom

With no need to dig up the past or engage in overly weighty discussions, this book will help married couples find simple, regular ways to get close and intimate, so that we feel our love rather than just talk about it.