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Prowess: The Sexual and Sensual Gift of Married Love

In my last blog we set up the idea that we can have a joyfully monogamous relationship in our marriage.  We agreed that in order to have the love affair we’re really longing for with our partner, we’ve got to give up certain engrained myths that we’ve been schooled in. These include: 1) the ‘hot’ […]

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Wanderlust: Why Travel is Great for Your Sex Life

  In a study of 1,000 adults conducted by The U.S. Travel Association, a surprising outcome was discovered.  That is, traveling improves our sex life.  77% of the couples in the study reported that their sex life “drastically improved,’ after travel.  More than that, travel has an effect on the longevity of a marriage, since the […]


A Sexless Marriage or ‘Joyful Monogamy?’

My dear friend and compatriot Bill Schacht (MS, LCSW), in his Franklin, Wisconsin, series “Great Relationship Sense,” has coined the phrase ‘Joyful Monogamy.’  (www.GreatRelationshipSense.com.) When we take a moment and think through what’s behind that phrase, what stands out is a progressive and marriage-supporting theme that monogamy can be and should be joyful, and need […]