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Prowess: The Sexual and Sensual Gift of Married Love

In my last blog we set up the idea that we can have a joyfully monogamous relationship in our marriage.  We agreed that in order to have the love affair we’re really longing for with our partner, we’ve got to give up certain engrained myths that we’ve been schooled in. These include: 1) the ‘hot’ […]


A Naked, Fulfilling, Monogamous Love Affair

If we want a truly fulfilling, monogamous love affair in our marriage, how do we get there? Our lives are busy and pressured with all of the duties and responsibilities of marriage and family life; our work lives demand more and more of our time; we’ve may have aging parents who need our attention, a […]


Unplugging: Turning Off the Damned Devices in Marriage

Just today I was having a long chat with my best friend about the phenomenon of face-in-the-screen in marriage.  “It drives me nuts,” she said, “every time we go out for dinner he puts the damn phone right in the middle of the table.  It’s like whoever is calling or texting is more important than […]

Being a successful artist means falling in love with our artist's life

Falling in Love (Again and Again) with Art

Several months ago I finished my first play. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but the storyline was rambling around inside me for a couple of years, and I kept feeling it calling me to write it down. It just kept speaking to me. Characters would emerge, and then, after mulling for […]

Art is About Finding the Path of Love; Not the Path of Duty

In college, every adult in my life was touting the same tagline: “Get a degree in business. That’s what you’re going to need.” “Business is where the money is.” And though wanting a piece of the post-feminist, business-woman pie seemed the ticket to having an independent, self-assured life, business left me cold. Even when I […]

Love, Sex, and Money: How Debt Makes a Mess of It

We all know the drill: We go out and buy something—maybe something expensive—just praying that our partner isn’t spending too. Then, we he comes home with whatever new credit-purchased toy he’s bought, the spitting match begins. “What are your doing? We don’t need that!” You yell at him. “And who said you need three new […]

A Debt-Free Love Story

There was this fight over money between us. It wasn’t an overt fight—we weren’t screamers and we didn’t like to argue—but it was there, permeating the room all the time like a poisonous gas, sightless and scentless but lethal just the same. It infected everything. It was a silent-treatment standoff of a fight over who […]