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A Sexless Marriage or ‘Joyful Monogamy?’

My dear friend and compatriot Bill Schacht (MS, LCSW), in his Franklin, Wisconsin, series “Great Relationship Sense,” has coined the phrase ‘Joyful Monogamy.’  (www.GreatRelationshipSense.com.) When we take a moment and think through what’s behind that phrase, what stands out is a progressive and marriage-supporting theme that monogamy can be and should be joyful, and need […]


The Sexless Marriage

A sexless marriage.  It’s what we all dread—the going south of our passion for each other, the edginess and irritation that results, the worry and fear that our relationship is slowly disintegrating because we can’t touch each other. Just now, there’s a new conversation in our culture about the issue—which until now has been a […]

Simple style, ease and grace

The Shapes of Sex and Artistry

This past weekend I was wandering around the Abbott Kinney neighborhood of Venice Beach with my dear friend Samantha, doing a little bargain shopping and generally just wandering around in the sun together.  I didn’t really need anything, but I had a little bit of cash to burn. As we wandered in and out of […]

Debt Will Kill Your Sex Life

Debt will kill your sex life. If you’re in an intimate relationship with another human being with which you have regular or committed contact, debt is going to take a toll, and that toll is going to make you pay exactly where you don’t want to—in the bedroom. You probably think I’m kidding, right? You […]

Love, Sex, and Money: How Debt Makes a Mess of It

We all know the drill: We go out and buy something—maybe something expensive—just praying that our partner isn’t spending too. Then, we he comes home with whatever new credit-purchased toy he’s bought, the spitting match begins. “What are your doing? We don’t need that!” You yell at him. “And who said you need three new […]