Camus said this beautiful thing:  he said we don’t travel to stay safe.  Instead, we travel to upend all of our world views, to upset everything we know, so that our souls will be refreshed with the new and the different.  And why does that promote happiness? Because when we deepen our understanding of what it means to be alive, we find ease in our souls.  It’s that simple.  As my husband likes to say, we are all immigrants in each other’s lives, and we find richness when we look, listen and feel into other people’s stories.

This page is full of the discovery of that experience, shared with you in magazine articles that depict the sites and sensations of exploring our world and finding a deepening love for it.


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The Culture Trip

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San Francisco’s 16th Street: Urban, World-Flavored Culinary Delights

Anchorage, Alaska’s Top Five Dreamy Nature Hikes

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Aptos: The Perfect Bay Area Dropout Beach Weekend

Cambria: The Cool, Hippie Vibe of California’s Grooviest South Coast Beach Town

San Miguel de Allende:  Culture and History in a Mexican Gem

Peninsula: Burlingame’s Happy Hour Hot Spots

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The Ultimate San Francisco Neighborhood Bookstore Crawl

San Francisco’s Hawker Fare: The Mind-Blowing Land of Spice

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Bix:  The Best of San Francisco’s Dress-Up Nights

Tadich Grill: An Old-World Taste of San Francisco


Jetset Extra

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Reflect and Refresh in Harmony. California

San Miguel de Allende:  Unforgettable Art, Culture and Cuisine in Mexico

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Truckee: The Rustic Mountain Delights of California’s High Country

Point Reyes for the Day

Santa Fe: Where the Sky Rules the World

Kusel Lake: A Glistening Gem in Wisconsin’s Lake Country

A Midsummer Dream in Midtown Manhattan

Hawaii: The Big Island’s Secret Beaches

Montauk’s Sweet Beach Life: Heaven at the End of the World

Cavallo Point at Fort Baker, Sausalito, California

Moon Over Bali


Destinations Travel Magazine

A Digital and Print Travel and Leisure Publication, Read by Millions

Secret Beaches of Hawaii’s Big Island

Todos Santos: Cabo’s Arty, Surf-Friendly, Little Sister

The Art Enclaves of Northern Spain


Tango Diva

Solo Travel for Women

Confidence, Insight, and Inspiration Through Solo Travel

Cultural Downfalls

Tomales Bay and Beyond

The Heartland of My History

Inspirations for Art:  The World is My Canvas

The Lovely Lake Country of America’s Midwest

Long Island’s Sweet Sand-and-Surf Summer

New York City: Midtown’s Perfect Pitch


Himalayan High Treks

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