4A. YOGA CATEGORY #3 ALTERNATE IMAGEWhat’s Yoga got to do with the pursuit of happiness? Here’s what:  a groundbreaking scientific study now shows that our brain relates to physical balance and emotional balance similarly—meaning, if we want to create equanimity in our mind, body, and emotions, yoga will help to get us there.

Join in at home, or on the road, with my short-and-sweet yoga videos.  Just one more way to find shortcuts to happiness!

Teaching Schedule, San Fran Peninsula – Public Classes

Planet Granite:  Mon 7:30 pm, Wed 12:00 Noon, Thurs 6:00 pm
100 El Camino Real, Belmont 94002, 650-591-3030

Private lessons by request at 650.619.3232 or

Power Yoga Videos

Nagler Power Yoga at Planet Granite – What Can You Learn in Power Yoga?

Chaturanga, Power Push-Up & High Lunge

Proper Half-Vinyasa, High-Lunge to Standing Poses

Three-Pointed Chaturanga, Two-Pointed Plank, Jump-backs, Wrist Stretches

Ten-Minute-Plus Power Yoga Workout

Simple Mid-Level Hip Openers

Intermediate and Advanced Hip Openers

Simple, Easy Hip Stretches

Easy Hip Stretches with Blocks


Safe Poses & I Am Fifty Yoga Videos for Middle-Years Students

Intro To Safe and Strong Yoga Poses

Safe Yoga Shoulder Stand 

Safe, Strong Yoga in the Hallway

Safe Backbend

Adapted Chaturanga for 50-Plus

Safe Camel Pose

Safe Leg Warm-Up

Safe, Easy Hip Openers

Safe Plow Pose

Flat Belly Magic Triad Workout

Safe Chaturanga/Plank Form

Safe Vinyasa Form 

Safe Virasana Form

Safe Updog Positioning

Safe High Lunge Alignment

Safe Form for Shoulder Warm-Ups

Safe, Restorative Chest and Low Back Openers

Safe Upavista and Utplutti Lift

Simple, Easy Hip Stretches

Easy Hip Stretches with Blocks


Allowing and Permitting meditation

Benefits of Winter

Our Desires

Purpose and Meaning

The Quality of Lightness

The New Year