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Is there anything i can do to save it or make it work for 90 days A: I usually use a third-party time tracker like Toggl (disclosure: I'm the co-founder) and then use the export functionality built into the software to create a CSV file with the data I need. You can use a free online tool like Exporty to pull the data from Toggl, although it's not quite as nice as the Export functionality. I wrote a short blog post about using Exporty. Export CSV file First of all, you can export a CSV file with the time tracker itself: The export functionality gives you the option to select one of four different time formats (i.e. use different clocks). If you need different time formats, it will add "+N" to the beginning of the date string (e.g. if you need different time formats for 24-hour and 12-hour clock, then you might need to change from "YYYYMMDD" to "YYYYMMDD+N" for 24-hour and "MMDD+N" for 12-hour clock, where N is some text). If you need to remove a time tracker from the list, you can select it and click the "-" sign in the top right corner of the time tracker's entry (it should be the first time tracker in the list). This should make it disappear from the list. (source: You can also export a CSV file with Exportery (a program to export data from time trackers), although it's a little bit tricky to use (and you cannot change time format). Here is a video tutorial. You will also need to have some familiarity with how to access and work with CSV files in Windows. The CSV file format that you export with this method, is usable in Excel, so if you later use Excel and want to use the date you exported (as a sortable date), you just need to copy the file and paste it in the new Excel sheet. Get the Data from Excel file Second, you can also import the CSV file that you exported using a CSV data reader. See this post for details. To get started, you will first need to: Open the file using Notepad++. (You can get Notepad++ free from the GetNotepad++ download page.)



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