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Shutting Down Noxious Noise in our Heads

These days we feel like there’s so much stuff we’re supposed to attend to that we never get a break. If we’re entrepreneurial in the least, we’re supposed to invent, create, build, market, tweet, blog, outreach, contact, and more, and it can drive us absolutely crazy with workaholic intensity. We’ve got family obligation, relationships to nurture, a workout to get to, a house to clean, dinner to make and a garage that needs cleaning out. So how—in this millennial age do we ever get a break from ourselves?

Here’s the answer: Schedule some downtime. I’m not kidding. Take two hours once a week for absolutely nothing. And here’s the only think that’s going to make that work: Pull the phone plug out of the wall, turn off all notifications on your cell—better yet, turn the damn thing OFF, hide the remote, and get off the box.

Then take a walk. Take a bike ride. Wander for no particular reason. Our heads and hearts need downtime, and when we don’t give it to ourselves we get resentful, pissy, angry and dissatisfied. Even socializing with friends can seem to be a burden when we’re overdone.

Peace is what we’re after. A little bit of peace in the soul, disconnected from the grid, not-dialed-or-plugged-in, and still.

I do it every Friday afternoon. I take a couple of hours after finishing my day, grocery shop, and then head out for a walk with a friend. Sure, I’ve got bucket-loads of crap that needs doing. But if I don’t step away from the box, I won’t ever get the peace I need to face another week.

Try it. You’ll see. It’ll work miracles on your soul.

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1 Comment

Elisa Caldwell
Elisa Caldwell
May 30, 2022

Thanks for a great readd

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