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An Artist's Life:

I’m a huge proponent of leaving all my gifts on the field, and I do my best to live that kind of creative life. As an author, writer, musician and fine artist, I try to engage in all of the things I have to share—to not choose between them, but to get my hands and heart into all of them.  I’ve learned that this kind of Artist’s life brings—for me—full engagement, happiness and an at-ease-in-my-soul kind of life.   

Feel free to search my books for heart-warming and sensual fiction, inspirational writings on artistry, motivation, stress-free money choices, marriage and relationship tips, and tons of happy-life, creative living skills.  Lots of quick inspiration on my blog pages, too.  Or, reach out to me to share your own creative path.



JoAnneh Nagler is the author of the fiction collection Stay with Me, Wisconsin (Coyote Point Press, 2022), a featured story nominated for The Pushcart Prize and the book spotlighted in Kirkus Reviews’ Starred Features. She has authored three nonfiction books including How to Be an Artist Without Losing Your Mind, Your Shirt, or Your Creative Compass (W.W. Norton); Naked Marriage (Skyhorse Publishing); and The Debt-Free Spending Plan (HarperCollins), two of which were Amazon Top-100 titles. Her books have been featured in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Essence Magazine, LiveStrong Magazine and more. Recently awarded the National League of PEN Women Achiever Award, she wrote and directed the play Ruby and George in Love (Sonoma Arts Live Theatre Company), and composed two singer-songwriter albums, I Burn and Enraptured, available in all outlets. Her work has appeared in the journals New Haven Review, Glimmer Train, Gold Man Review, You Might Need to Hear This, and Mobius. She is a founding member of The Pacific Coast Writer’s Collective, and has just completed a novel, The Road to Key West.

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